15-04-30.    Day 19.      Road Rally

Since the way we were taking into Pie Town was total road, we wanted to start at 6:00 am. To bad we had hot drinks and breakfast to enjoy. We could eat ALL the food left in our packs so we were eating. At 6:20 we had enough light to start hiking, enjoying the sun rise. .. The road had lots of rocks and gradually got better on our feet. We took turns listening to music to make the walk more enjoyable.


We arrived at the only water for the entire walk into town. Gene came out to show us how to operate the well and to share some time together. He owns the property that has the well and is a Trail Angel to CDT hikers. He said he had the water tested and did not need to be filtered. It was cool and refreshing. Sourdough cooked lunch to get rid of the now excess food we were saving to get us into town. Gene commented that ” Maybe you guys won’t get to town today” . That reminded us that we still had 16 miles to town to hike and off we went.

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At 1:00 pm we stopped for second lunch. We cranked up some tunes to get us in the mood for the road walk. Many hours later we were rushing to get to town before the store closed. Alex set the pace and we arrived in Pie Town at 6:15. Just a little to late for pie.


Pie Town.     22.9 Miles

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