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Rise and Shine at 5:00. Fire up the stove for some Hot Chocolate / Coffee mix and oatmeal.  Oh no..Where is my spoon? Tear my whole pack apart… No spoon. It’s hard to eat without a spoon. Sourdough lent me his but I was disheveled. Where did I put it?


We were hiking by 5:50 am.. The sunrise entertained us while we left the Little Hatchett Mtns. It was our first day of full sun. By 10:30 my eyes were tearing. I had my glasses on and not my contacts, due to my dirty hands and conserving water for the 20 mile section between water caches. What was I going to do. I grabbed my sunglasses and put them on over my glasses with instant relief…  At 2:30 we hiked 16 miles to the third water cache. We put up my tarp for shade and made lunch, an oasis in the middle of nowhere. As was getting my food bag, my spoon jumped out.  Instant Joy!!!!. I could eat..


Alex and Wagon Wheel joined us for a much needed siesta.  We watered and packed up as we had 13 miles to hike to the next water. We passed a nice water hole for the cows who were gracious enough to share. The water was cool and refreshing as it was our third day out. Say goodby to the Hatchetts Mtns and hello to the Coyote Hills. There was a nice place to sleep about half way to the next cache that we couldn’t resist. As we set for the night, Sourdough couldn’t find his headlamp. Big problem. He’s still searching as I fell asleep.

Halfway to Cache #4  24 miles

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