The rain stopped around 9:00 pm. and the wind howled till 10:00. My tarp only blew off twice. I was to tired to put it back up until I had to get up to pee.

After tossing and turning all night we got up at 6:00 and hiking at 8:00 am. Kinda late start but it’s only our first night. Sourdough and I took turns getting lost, found, and lost again. Well actually we wern’t lost. Big Hatchet Mtns were on our right and there isn’t a trail. There are 4X4 wooden posts placed to show you the way….. If you can see them. We used the gps to guide us. Hey it’s over there. Now it’s somewhere over that way.


Sometimes  the markers were blown over. Sourdough needing to do a good turn for today put up three and packed rocks around them. We zigzaged 12 miles to the next water cache arriving at 3:30. 7 hours to hike 12 miles.. Humm. It’s going to be a long day. After we filled up with 5 liters of water and drank 2 20s (Gator Aid Bottles), we hiked on. Sourdough looked for birds while looked for the “way”. I started to use my compass to guide us from post to post…


Sourdough found 7 birds, 3 from Mexico. A Fly catcher, Black Throated Sparrow and a Scale Quail.  Nice.. At 6:30 we stopped for the night.. Oh I forgot. I Fell!  Way to go..

4 miles north of Hachita Peak Road . 16 miles.

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