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I was looking forward to meet my son, Mark, on Saturday. Somewhere around Pensacola would work. I looked on “Warm Showers” were hosts are listed in towns and their status if they are available for hosting. I emailed Al and Sally and they replied that they were home. Great! I was smelling pretty bad and needed rest after yesterday’s miles.
As I biked on US90 which parallels I-10 and thought about our transportation habits. An interstate on my left, railroad on my right. All the energy we consume to move from place to place. Just a thought…
I was checking email in Holt, Fl and Steve rode up. He was the first east bound biker that I had a chance to ask questions to about biking and the route. A lot of tips you can’t find in books. He was ready to get to St. Augustine and get back home. He had been out two months enjoying everyday at the same time missing home. ” I am having a fantastic day due to my stay at Sally and Al’s. You are in for a real treat”. He also said Mark, the owner of Truly Spokin bike shop in Milton was the bomb. I was having trouble with my front shifter so why not check it out.
Mark had me bring in the bike and went right to work. He looked like a honey bee working on a bouquet of flowers. Check this, adjust that. Amazing. “You’re all set”. All tuned up and on my way to Al and Sally’s.
As I pulled into the driveway, Sally welcomed me and set down the rules. Shower, laundry, dinner at 5:00.. Nice!

Day 10, 52.5 miles. Milton Florida.