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De Funiak Springs

As the train rumbled next to me, I woke up to a great morning. I made some coffee and oatmeal in my JetBoil. Wow was that fast! On the road at 7:30 am.

Biking through Florida with its rolling hills and small towns began to take on a rhythm. Cottondale, Chipley, Bonifay, Caryville, Westville, Ponce De Leon, Argyle, and DeFuniak Springs. Each “Town” had a convince store so of course a great stop to stretch my legs and support the local economy. In Cottondale I surveyed the breakfast bar. “Whats that? Oh that’s breakfast casserole. A little bit of everything. I’ll try some of that”. It was delicious. As I was leaving town, Rich rode along side me huffing and puffing. “Saw you leaving town. What’s up?” It was nice to bike again with Rich and Rob. They are real bikers. I mean Philly Bike Club jerseys and all. They helped me along as I took turns drafting them. My bike computer read three miles per hour faster as we bicycled west. As we approached Argyle, Rob fell back. Rich said he was going to slow up so Rob could catch up. I hit the Tom Thumb gas station for an afternoon tube steak and waited for them. I emailed Rob and headed out since they must have missed me. As it turned out, it was the last time I saw them.

The town of De Funiak Springs surrounds a perfectly round lake about a quarter-mile wide. Either a sink hole or spring, it is beautiful. I rode around town and stopped at the town museum. “Where is THE place to eat in town?” Mom and Dads was on my way out-of-town and thursday night was prime rib night. Very local, very nice, and very delicious.

As I rode into the sunset, I began to look for a place to, (I don’t want to say crash), sleep. I stopped at the fire rescue in Mossy Head and asked if it was ok to camp, In the woods of course. What great day!


Day 9, 70.3 miles. Mossy Head, Fl