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Oh my. What was I thinking? Road biking is not backpacking and touring biking is not road biking. I have the mentality of backpacking with no limit as to what I can carry. Wrong! On my way to St Augustine my quads started to cramp at mile 25. I had 7 more miles to go. My legs took turns as go which hurt more. The wind was so strong on the Vilano Bridge, I had to pedal going down hill. By the time I reached Anastasia State Park I was in trouble. At last I could rest. Well there wasn’t a campsite and Jim, the gate attendant, had no sympathy as to my situation. After an apple and some water, off I went for another 7 miles to find a wonderful Camp site and much needed sleep.

Day 1, 39 miles and two Advil. Camp in woods west of St Augustine.