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Well here we go again. After two years of dreaming it appears I will be starting west from St. Augustine, Florida heading to San Diego, California. I have two months to get my feet wet in the sport of long distance biking. It all started in 2012 while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Great stories about biking trips from Sonjay, Cruiser and Gutsey Rabbit got my wheels spinning. Humm, let me think,  I can have an adventure along with an abundant supply of fresh food. Yum! That’s a great dream and on Wednesday it will become a reality.
The Surley Long Haul Trucker is all packed. While loading the Ortlieb panniers, memories of the first hike on the Appalachian Trail filled my head. I know I will be sending a lot of gear home, but what the heck.  Do I really need two tarps and a hammock? Well I don’t have a clue and that will make the first week all the more fun.
That’s all for now, my next challenge is to find a way to attach my sleeping bag and pad to the Nice Surley Racks that couldn’t fit in the panniers. It’s beginning to look just like a homeless person’s shopping cart on two wheels.
I hope you enjoy my posts and please come along for the ride.

Mark Trail

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