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16-06-22 Day 87  Astoria – Mark Trail Bikes

Biking the Trans America              2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure


If you would like to read the Story – Bicycling Adventure Cycling TransAmerica Bicycle Route, Yorktown,Virginia, to Astoria, Oregon, from top down, CLICK BELOW:

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Thanks For Reading!!!!!!!!


There is a pulling at me to stay, go slow, take it all in……..  Breath…….   It is the first day of summer, completing one segment, commencing the next….

Fully repacked with my Northern Tier maps from Bill and Iva, my Bike Angels back in Virginia. I was on my way to Astoria. It is crazy, So excited to be completing the #TransAmerica and contimplating starting the #NorthernTier.  Within fifteen minutes of pedaling out of Seaside, I am off the beaten path. in the country.. No cars racing by…. No worries watching my mirrors…..

So Nice..

Fort Clatsop, The camp where Lewis and Clark waited out the harsh Pacific Northwest winter was right on the bike route so it was time to become a tourist. I criss crossed their epic journey once I passed the Mississippi River.  Same as hiking the CDT in 2015.  So cool…

The ride into Astoria was surreal. Present and in my head… Excited, dreaming of the future and reflecting on the past.. Mentally I am in a great place.. So different than last year…

I rode to the Maritime Museum,  the terminus and a place to dip my tire.. Another mile and it was complete.   Katherine took my picture and it was back to the Bouy Beer House to celebrate. Bikers Dennis from Germany and Steffan from the UK were waiting for their bus to Portland.. Beers and Cheers.. In the moment.

A Perfect Day!!!                                                     A Perfect Completion!!!!                  So Happy and Blessed                                       Thank You!!!

Norblad Hotel/Hostel

Seaside. OR to Astoria. OR                               24 miles