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16-06-18 Day 83 The Pacific – Mark Trail Bikes

Biking the Trans America.             2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

I woke up early ready to get an early start but Don had a different plan. “Could you answer some questions I have for you? ” Sure..                Don and Ellen downsized and are traveling the country in a RV… I hope to transition to some sort of home on wheels this fall.. We talked about life on the road… So cool…. Ellen made me breakfast and I was pedaling West..                                 I was looking forward to second breakfast in Rose Lodge when I was directed to The Otis Cafe..  I had no idea that the cafe was famous and by luck I missed a turn and was off route. I had German potatoes with spinich, mushrooms, sausage and tons of cheese piled high…. Yummy…                     Back on route I could get glimpses of the Pacific after I passed Neskowin. The route turned north. There was a bluff on my left as i was biking to Oretown where the view of the Pacific Ocean opened up.. I was in tears of joy… Wow, Eighty Three days… All the memories of all the Awesome new friends that helped me along the journey….. and our time shared….. I wished we could all be together now to celebrate our Day…..

Thank You!!!!

After a few pictures it was time to continue north. Stopped in Pacific City to buy food for dinner and biked to Cape Lookout State Park. The Biker campsite was nice but I wanted to sleep with a view of the Ocean.. I scouted it out and met Bill, Michelle and family who had a Group campsite on the beach bluff…. You guessed it…  “We have plenty of room” … Family time.  I was invited to dinner and was able to set my tent up overlooking the Pacific. I am so blessed…  We all watched the golden sun set into the expensive ocean. Thank you so much!!!

Grand Ronde to.                               Cape Lookout State Park

54 miles