16-06-14 Day 79 She-Ra – Mark Trail Bikes

Biking the Trans America

2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

I could hear the irrigation system working it’s way around the campground and was waiting for a rude wake-up call. I moved my bike and got it ready just in case…  but the tent area was hand watered… Yea…

I promised Orlando I would make him hot water in the morning since he wouldn’t get out of his tent for Chocolate Peanut butter ice cream last night.. He’s from UK and an engineer so stay within the lines..  He was taking a few days off and working on his laptop… Such a small world… We shared stories and I was off to Sisters, 40 miles away.

I follow #adventurecycling’s maps and have the route on my phone to check to see if I am on route.. As I was leaving Prineville the road numbers weren’t obvious so I checked. Yep, on route. 13 miles later I was looking for a turn north.. And .. I was headed to Redmond.. I’m not going to Redmond… Or so I thought… Now I was.. The Map and GPS are different… No biggie….

Redmond was nice but there was lots of traffic and the route much more hilly… As I biked to Sisters the wind picked up again..  Bummer… I was in contact with She-ra who I hiked a section of the #continentialdividetrail (CDT) with last year.. She lives in Bend and was going to meet me for dinner at 5:00…. I was cold and tired so I stopped at the Sisters Saloon for coffee and wait. I thought about riding up to McKenzie Pass at night but between the wind and cloud covered mountain I decided to look for a place to stay…. She-ra sent me a text that we were going back to Bend so we could have dinner with Kirk her boyfriend.   OH  Super Yea…

We had a lot to catching up to do. She-ra works for the Oregon Desert Trail organization creating a trail from scratch… WOW an amazing job to create something from nothing. Hummm…..

Kirk was home so we went out to eat, stopped by the grocery store, made popcorn and off to sleep…. Pack Filled Day…..

Prineville, Or. To Sisters, Or

40 miles