16-06-06 Day 71  Hot – Mark Trail Bikes

Biking the Trans America
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

I set up the tent under the baseball dugout to avoid dew but didn’t think the sprinkler spray would be a problem…. Wrong…..  Oh well…

Back to the Kooskia Cafe for a vegetable omlette and to load up with water.. The forecast was for 90°. Oh boy here we go…

I pedaled the four miles to Stites and started to climb.. The sweat was pouring out of me and I was through my first bottle in the first six miles.. I had twenty to go before Grangeville… The climb was so steep I had to walk the bike for the first time on the trip….

I was completely worn out 2 miles from Grangeville and found a covered, shady gun range. Spread out and fell asleep..

Rode into town to the grocery store and watered up.  There was a long climb up and a fast ride down to the Silver Dollar Saloon in White Bird.   Dollar Twenty-five Beers .. No where in America can you buy a beer at that price.. The diner was closed, the grocery was closed, I was hungry.  “Can I clean anyone’s home for some food?”.  Renee went home, made turkey sandwiches and heated up chili for us… SO AWESOME!!!!   WOW…  White Bird Town Park

Kooskia to White Bird, ID
41 miles