16-05-22 Day 56  Raven – Mark Trail

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

No need to get up early, Raven was coming from Pinedale, two hours away, to meet me. Dylan and Marty were still sleeping when I biked across the street to McDees to do the morning thing.

I started hiking the CDT on the Mexican border with Raven in 2015. He is an Eagle Scout and loved to pick up trash so we had a lot in common. We hiked New Mexico off and on together, then Colorado, again in September. Daniel from New Orleans, is volunteering for the Forest Service for the summer came along for the ride. What to do on a Sunday in Lander? All the museums were closed so we drove to the Sinks Canyon State Park. It is where the Popo Agie river drops into a limestone cavern and two hours later rises out of the ground 1/4 mile down the canyon. COOL.

Like all visits it was sad to say goodbye and at 4:00 it was back on Silver and headed north… The wind was pretty manageable and soon I was at Ft Washakie where Sacajwea is buried. The sign didn’t show how far it was so…. I pedaled on.   There was a nice rise where the road was cut into the hill as the road dropped.. My favorite formation to camp. Above the road where I can’t be seen. The sunset was entertaining and sleep came early… Thanks Raven and Daniel…

Lander, WY to N Fort Washakie
23 miles