16-05-19    Day 53  Saratoga – Mark Trail

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

I loved my campsite, up on a knoll with the sound of Big Creek’s snow melt rushing to the sea…  This is part of the bike trip I have been missing.. With the Trans America Bike Route’s 40th anniversary, the towns along the way have made accommodations for the bikers to stay in town and for good reasons.  Econony…. Tourism is life to some of the small towns.. Camp, Shower. It has been very accommodating.. Now I am looking forward to switch and do more camping in Wyoming along the route… YEA!

Today was split into two sections, one to Riverside/Encampment and the balance to Saratoga. I called ahead to arrange to stay at warm showers host Brandon and Sam’s home to rest. Colorado was challenging and I could feel it.. Also the wind was forecasted to be in my face and slow going…. Just the way it is…

As I turned north from Riverside the road was all ground up and rough.. NICE.. Wind and Rough surface… 6 miles later they were paving. ” George will be here in a minute to give you a ride in the truck around the equipment” . Excuse me… I don’t think that will work… I’m biking. With a short discussion with George he agreed that 8,500 mile trip should not be 8,498 and a 2 mile ride in a truck.. He followed me as I pedaled as hard as I could the two miles.. Thanks George for being flexible.

I met Brandon at the High School, at noon, where he taught math. He biked with me to his home and gave me the tour… Shower, Laundry, and the Refrigerator, Bed.  Just what I needed. I did all the chores and went to bed…

Brandon came home from school and Dillon and Marty, Bikers from Boulder were in Riverside where Marty’s bike rack had broken from the gaps in the pavement slamming the bike. When we drove up they were so thankful… Brandon’s friend taught welding at the high school and knew how to weld aluminum… SO LUCKY… Afterwards we went to the Wolf Hotel for dinner. Built in 1898, and still operating as a hotel. The Lions club was meeting and allowed me to look at all the pictures along the walls… A mix from the past and present…   America…

Big Creek Access, WY to Saratoga

39 miles