16-05-17  Day 51   Last Pass – Mark Trail

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

It was going to be a short 38 miles to Kremmling so we took our time getting up. So nice to have awesome support from friends. It has been over a year since we been together but seemed like yesterday..  We solved all the problems of the world and then some… Marcello’s Honda, Silvia was ready to head west and off they sped…

The route to Kremmling was mostly downhill.  So nice… Just past Henney there was a six mile section of road construction.  Bumpety Bump… Stan and James flagged me along to the baby smooth section they worked on last year… Yummy .

I arrived in Kremmling and decided to load up with water and bike on… The north Colorado mountains shrunk in my mirror as I rolled up to Muddy Pass at 8,772 ft, the last. The Continental Divide Trail is on RT 14 for ten miles. I hiked here in September of last year. This time it was all downhill by bike..  Very Different…     The sky started to darken and the wind turned unfriendly. I found a place off to the side and set up the tent as the drizzle began.  Nice sleeping weather…

Silverthorne, CO. To The CDT Muddy Pass

68 miles