16-05-07 Day 41  Blessed

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

I rode to the Sheriff’s office to cleanup since there wasn’t any bathrooms at the park. Elizabeth was finishing her 12 hour shift and was  so nice and helpful.

The ride was straight west…. Did I say Straight?  As I turned onto 96, I could see the bright flashing red lights of George and Mary up ahead.. Shurly I can catch them….. As the light got farther and farther away…. The reality is, I am a SLOW biker… And I am totally OK with that…   No Hurries, No Worries…

There was only one stop along today’s ride and it was a great one. Dighton has a bowling alley… Small but still in the vast barren flatness of Kansas, a Bowling Alley is cool.

George and Mary were eating their second helping of pancakes as I walked in. Doyle was from Ireland and G&M are from Scotland so it was interesting to hear them talk. Nancy, the waitress, was so nice.. I like honey in my coffee and hard to find, so she gave me a bag full of packets. Then she bought me a delicious blueberry pancake after I devoured an omelet. Mother’s day was on Sunday so I gave her an early Mother’s Day present….  Giving and Receiving…….

The wind was picking up and the sky darkening. I stopped at the sheriff’s office where the asked if I knew a biker named Tobias…. Turned out he is from Germany biking east and was hit by a truck near Leoti, tomorrow’s destination….  SO SAD…

As I was checking out the park, Emily walked up and asked If I wanted to stay in the church annex since there were dangerous storm warnings posted. “Sure”….  Area 96 Church is a Celebrate Recovery meeting place and also used for breakfasts. It had a shower, kitchen, and comfortable couch…..

Thank you Emily and the Baptist Church for going out of your way to house me……

Ness City to Scott City, KS
54.5 miles