16-04-04  Day 8   The Blue Ridge Parkway

Biking the TransAm 2016
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure!!!

It was cold and I could hear Susanna tossing and turning..”You Cold?” … ” My feet are cold”  … ” Here are some dry socks and a hat”. Again early in the morning… “You Cold” …”Yep”.. ” Here is my sleeping bag”.


For the first time in a new tent and sleeping pad, Susanna had the full experience of bike camping. The sun was coming up and we enjoyed a cup of coffee with hot chocolate… My favorite..  we packed up and was pedaling by 9:00am..

Again the climbs were long and abundant … I am looking forward to get some legs… Soon. We rode the 10 miles south on the Blue Ridge Parkway till we reached 56 and the much feared Vesuvius Hill…. Thank goodness Susanna made me go slow so I wouldn’t crash. It is 1000 ft straight up or in our case. DOWN …  We pedaled into Lexington and Susanna’s husband, John promptly picked her up… It was so nice to have a biking partner. Thanks Susanna and John…..


My heart sank knowing I would be pedaling alone from now on… Oh boy… Memories of loneliness of last years CDT hike flooded my head…  I looked to see if there was a Warm Shower Host in the area and called one and left a message.


As I was pedaling out of town, Rebecca called and invited me to there home. After making a wrong turn, I made it to Rebecca and Lee’s Beautiful Farm.


“Welcome, Would you like some Lemonade, Ice Tea, or Both…..?” We tried to sit on the front porch but settled next to the wood stove as the sun and temperature dropped. After dinner and shower I walked to the pottery barn to watch Lee put a coat of glaze on his last batch of mugs and vases. It was amazing to see the three stage kiln and hear of the process to dry the pieces… A week of heating and a week of cooling… I will have a new appreciation of clay vessels and dishes.

A few miles south of Lexington.
Love Gap to Lexington 35.5 miles.