15-09-14  Day 155  Grand Lake – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

As usual I could not sleep. I think I fell asleep around 3:00 am. I don’t know if it is because I am trying to organize everything I need to do or the news from the emails back home, but every town stop the first night is sleepless.

IMG_9908Otter was up as I was at 5:00 am. I worked on the blog and read some news. At 7:00 am we went to the Sagebrush for breakfast. We left hungry and went to the first small grocery store we could find. Otter bought a apple breakfast baked thingie.  I got a banana and popcorn. Yumm..

IMG_9896Since Bront picked me up at the North Supply Trail Head, I had to hike from there. Otter suggested I hike from the Shadowcliff Hostel to the trail head and hitch back. The hike was through Rocky Mountain National Park and it was beautiful. I was carrying my full pack minus food. It was four miles and the time went by quickly.

IMG_9900Just after I entered the park boundary, Das Boots appeared with their Big Smiles. Their BIG leather boots rotted due to being wet all the time in northern Wyoming. Look at those new Keen Boots. We talked about meeting at the hostel later… Cheers.. I stopped by the visitor center and it was just like all the parks centers.

I hitched a ride with Richard and Sonya from Dallas Texas. They dropped me off at the bigger store in town and I bought hot dogs for lunch and spaghetti for dinner. Yumm. …

By 8:00 pm I was done uploading my blog and it was up to date.. YEA!!!!

Shadowcliff Hostel, 4 miles.

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