15-09-06  Day 147. TRAIL MAGIC! – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

Lots of thunder and lightning off and on through the night. Better at night than during the day.   IMG_9663  I looked at the map and maybe I can make it to Steamboat Springs on the food I have. I will pass the road to Encampment this afternoon and the post office is closed.

Started at 6:40 am with a wet tent but at least I’m not carrying four litters of water. I stopped at 8:30 am for my rest after two hours of hiking. Dan walked up in full camo with his bow. Bow season is here…. Hummm. “what do you think, Dan?” I asked. “You don’t have to worry about being shot” . Great I thought….  I walked up on a parked ATV. Aja and Chris were eating breakfast. I thought if I was going to make it to Steamboat with the food I had I would need some help. “Do you have any extra food” I asked. Aja gave me a bunch of crackers and a pop tart. That’s a start.

At noon Danny, Bill and family offered me a beer….At 4:00 pm Mike and his son gave me a bunch of snacks. 4:30 pm Suzie, Travis, and Ryan and another beer. Finally at 5:30 pm Anthony and Nina, an apple, tomato, and a stout beer….. I think I will make it Steamboat….IMG_9693Standard Park,   22 miles

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