15-08-31 Day 142 Making The Best Of It – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail.
Mark Trail CDT 2015

IMG_0552-1 I slept in an old international bus converted into a camper. It was one of those special places that was very peaceful. Very restful sleep.20150831_065239 (1)

I was at the grocery store when it opened at 7:00 am. Bacon, eggs, and donuts. Autumn cooked breakfast and than packed us BLT’s for lunch. Unbelievable Trail Magic.

Bean and I did the road walk in different directions. We would drop off one of us and drive the car six to seven miles up the road. Then park the car and hike back to where the other person was dropped off. We would pass off the key as we passed each other in the middle. Different but it was our only option to complete the miles due to the fires.

20150901_183651After fourteen miles, Jellybean was ready for Two Medicine Grill and I was too. We booked our same room for two nights at the Whispering Swan, showered, and ate lunch. Echo joined us and we made our plans for tomorrow. I would change my reservations and ride the train through the night to Seattle then fly to Denver on 9/2. Bean would continue road walking south through Montana. Oh boy. …  What a day

East Glacier Park. 14 miles

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