15-08-20   Day 131  Augusta Mt – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

P1050254 I slept great with a full stomach thanks to the full hiker box. I decided to get on the Benchmark road as soon as possible so 6:00 am I settled into my spot. Around 7:30 am the first car came by and was headed to the trail head so I waved and hoped if they came back I would have a early ride into Augusta. As they came back I got up to talk and they zoomed by. I decided from now on, I would stop all cars regardless of the direction they were going. I needed a ride and a car every 30 to 45 minutes,,,  I needed some help. Cody, Justin, and Zane, were driving to the trail head to hike the Chinese Wall. I asked them if they had any extra food. They didn’t but they did give me a beer… Well it looks like it’s going to be an interesting day. The next truck was Rachel and Rose, Forrest service gals doing research. They said they were going to be a while but if I were still there, I would have a ride.

P1050256Ron and Steve were going for a horse packing overnight. Again a ride tomorrow. The gave my two beers to keep me busy till tomorrow. At last Ben, Sal, and Anthony, gave my a ride five miles till they reached phone reception. They needed to update their hiking plans due to trail closures due to fires in the area.  A Kia full of hikers come by but no room. The car was packed. Medicare Pastor, Rockstar, and CDT section hikers. Pastor gave me her maps of the Bob since they were done and I needed some help with the fire reroutes. Finally Dave and Lynn gave me a ride all the way into town..

It was twelve noon when I walked into the Augusta’s Grocery Market. Lynn’s aunt Gail was working so she took real good care of me. I charged my phone as I shopped. As I was checking out I asked about a great place to eat. The Buckhorn or Mel’s. Katie and Trina said Mel’s and soon I had two dates for lunch. I went into the Buckhorn Bar to see if anyone had a charger for my MP3 player..  yep.. No problem.

P1050257Skip and his two grandsons were waiting for his daughter Christina, (their mom), to go up to Woods Lake for the weekend…  Trail Magic Strikes.

The thirty mile ride on a gravel road is a long ride. Enough time to talk about a lot of topics. Skip offered to talk me all the way another five miles to where I got off the trail. So I helped him set up camp and have a Mountain Dew, then back to the trail.

I hiked for a few hours close to South Fork of the Sun River.

In the Bob, Close to the Sun.
5 lovely miles

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