15-07-15.     Day 95.    Old Faithful Village – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

We were conflicted. We wanted to catch up to Flop, Pop, and Wait, and we wanted to experience Yellowstone’s Old Faithful. We were lucky that no one showed up to camp in the site we stayed in. We hiked to Lone Star geyser. It erupts every three hours and we missed the last blast by a hour. May next time.    P1040070 As we decedent into Old Faithful Village I texted everyone as to where we were. Poppa Smurf replied he was at the Inn. What? They waited for us!!!!  What great friends.

I stopped by the clinic and found out it was $200.00 just to talk to the Dr. I needed Flagyl, I knew I had diarrhea. I decided to wait and call my Dr. In Jacksonville and pick up the medicine in West Yellowstone.


The lobby of the Old Faithful Inn is amazing. It was the first lodge build of its kind and was quickly copied at other parks. We met Smurf and he let us put our packs in his room while we showered and tried to get a room. We did laundry and then went  sightseeing. The geyser basin is incredible. Steam and boiling water everywhere.

We were able to get dinner reservations and had a delicious meal. After dinner I wasn’t feeling well again…

Old Faithful Inn. 5.5 miles

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