15-07-10. Day 90 Mud, Rain and Packers – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

The sky was filled with Red and Pink wisps. Humm. Red sky in the morning, sailor takes warning. …….

We camped in an open overlook. The view was spectacular, the tent was wet. We packed up and hiked to Nowlin Meadow Patrol Cabin. The snacking and second breakfast was in full swing when I arrived . The sky was darkening and the wind was building. Soon it was raining. Raining hard. I had my Go Lite umbrella up and had to tilt it to the west to keep it from turning inside out. Since it was raining so hard, we found a spot under a group of pine trees to shed the rain while we ate lunch.

When we arrived to ford the North Buffalo Fork, the rain had filled the creek. Flop and I forded it. Moonwalker found a log to cross and led the way for Pops and Wait. We soon came to the ” Horse Super Highway” . It was a sea of mud. No matter which channel you hiked you were in mud. The trail was a main  thorofare from Cody to Jackson. Packers hauled all kinds of paying riders and all kinds of comfort crap to earn their fees.


As we turned the corner of North Fork Meadow, a mirage of a packers tent with a hot warm fire appeared. “Want some soup and coffee?”.    Poppa and I responded…”Oh yes, Thank you”…I love packers and horses….

Ron Lineberger of Butt Creek Outfitters, Cody Wy made the best chicken vegetable soup. Thank you Ron and company.

Soon it was time to go. As we were hiking away we were all cold and wet. We made a wise decision to stop, set up tents, and get out of the rain. An few hours later, the sun returned and we laid everything out to dry. Crazy day…..

North Fork Meadow. 13 Miles

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