15-07-01.    Day 81.    Texas Pass – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015


We watched the sun shine on the tops of the peaks and slowly illuminate the Cirque range. We started our climb up Texas Pass by hiking around Lonesome Lake. There really wasn’t a trail per say. There was a way with cairns spaced far apart. The pass was still snowed in so we hiked east along the rocks.

We climbed from 10,480 ft to 11,300 ft to Texas Pass. I was relieved to see the west side of the pass was snow free but steep. Real steep. The hiking was slow all the way sliding on the loose gravel as we dropped 700 ft. to 10,580 ft.

When we got to the Shadow Lake Trail the hiking was much easier. We followed the Washakie Creek till we got back on the CDT.

The mosquitoes were horrific. Never giving us a break. Just before Sheep Creek we set up the tent to give us a break and called it a day.

Sheep Creek.        11 miles

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