15-06-06/07 Day 56/57 Gunnison

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

The critter would not give up. It was brown and squirrel like but no fluffy tail. I shined my headlamp, swung aimlessly my hiking poles, and screamed. When I awoke I assessed the damage. Another animal attracted to the salt on the pack straps.  Please not the shoulder straps. Luckily only a bite but a side strap completely chewed off. Cut as clean as a knife. Luckily not a bite on me.

The right hand was crusting over nicely but the left was beginning to swell. I loosened the bandage and pushed on it. It was sore but no feelings like it was infected.


I packed up and started hiking, looking for someone to help me get to Gunnison for some medical treatment. As I walked the rain pelted the umbrella. I walked on dirt roads with no luck. When I reached Hwy 114 I was filled with relief.  Traffic yes!


Debbie Phillis stopped and gave me a ride into Gunnison. I tried to go the a clinic but they couldn’t fit me in. “The emergency room is right next door”. I explained what happened to Carol, the triage nurse.  “Let’s look at your hand”. As I unwrapped the bandage you could see the missing skin. No infection. “How about you wash your hand in the bathroom and I will get some Neosporin and a few bandages.” “Ok”… I said.  Jay, the Dr. looked at it and said, ” Treat it like a burn”. “So do you want to be admitted?” Carol asked and at the same time said I would be fine.  NO charge… Amazing Trail Magic…

The next hurdle was to find a place to stay till I could arrange transportation to Boulder.


I contacted Kim through the bicycling community and she let me stay in her garage for two nights. I found a bus to Denver and made reservations…. Thanks Carol and Kim, The best Trail Angels!

Gunnison.    15 Miles

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