15-05-14   Day 33. Overcast All Day. – Mark Trail CDT

The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015


Since yesterday was a challenging day we knew it had to be a real easy day to make it to Ghost Ranch as planned. I left at 5:40 am and said I would stop before 2 hours. I paralleled HWY 96 for three miles and stopped for breakfast and wait for Sourdough, W and Alex to catch up.


After we crossed the highway, we climbed from 7,400 ft to 8,500 ft. to Camino Mesa. We crossed the San Padro Wilderness, Rio Chama Wilderness and the Chama River Canyon Forest Wilderness  We then hiked the Ojltos Canyon to the Chama Grant. It was a chocolate river, thanks goodness I got water previously.  We found a great place to camp next to the Chama River at The Whirlpool Dispersed Campground,  privy and all . Once again, we went through our packs, eating everything and anything. The wasn’t easy enought to make it all the way to Ghost Ranch. No Worries…. The food in our packs will keep us alive but we need real food to thrive. Tomorrow will be a day to thrive.


Whirlpool Campground. 21.7 Miles

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