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Tossed and turned all night. I never made it to the ” Primitive Campsite”. A loaded bike will not navigate a sand road. Lesson learned. Mistake number two. Do not camp in open fields. The dew made everything wet and FROZEN. No wonder I was cold in my thirty degree Western Mountaineering down bag.

I got up at 6:00 am, packed and walked my bike back to the road. As I rode, my hands and feet turned to icicles. I put Tyvak mailer bags on my feet that provided some help. The oasis appeared in the distance in the form of a Quick Stop. I savored a large coffee for an hour as my feet thawed.

As I was leaving Rich and Rob rode up. “The coffee’s Hot, see you soon” as I left. I followed a “Rails to Trails” bike path to Putnam Hall and missed the turn off on Rt 26. As I biked back, I met the two Rs and gave them the good news. Luckily they missed it only by few minutes.

We rode into Gainesville together giving me some much needed social interaction.


Day 3, 45 miles. Gainesville, Fl. Warm Showers Host.